The Irony…

It’s funny, growing up if you asked me the question “If you could have any super power at all, what would it be?” I would have definitely said the power to be invisible.

Maybe as a kid I watched too many TV shows and movies about all the shenanigans you could get up to if you were invisible (scaring people into thinking you were a ghost, pulling practical jokes etc), but something about it just seemed so appealing; having the power to do whatever the heck you wanted without people knowing it was you.

However, this so called “super power” comes at a price. It’s usually towards the end of these episodes that the main character comes to the conclusion that being invisible isn’t so much fun after all. Your friends and family can’t see you, no one realises that you’re missing, things go on as normal even without you there.

You’re pretty much non-existent.

It’s funny. Even when you aren’t actually invisible, sometimes it sure can feel like you are.


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