Hey there, my name is Danica. Welcome to a piece of shortcake! 🙂

Why “a piece of shortcake” ?

•I’m quite short for my age (people often mistake me for a 12 year old)
•and I like cake (but not too much of it…after all I am studying nutrition)

I love cooking (especially anything sweet), eating and travelling. So join me for some recipes (both healthy ones and maybe not too healthy ones– life’s all about balance after all), food inspiration and maybe a few travel stories here and there.

NOTE: Although I am studying nutrition, I am not a qualified nutritionist (yet) and any recipes which are labelled as healthy are purely what I perceive “healthy” to be.

NOTE 2: all photos are my own unless otherwise stated.


3 thoughts on “About

    • apieceofshortcake

      Haha well hopefully you’ll see some soon 🙂 by the way I’ve been stalking your blog all morning at uni (I had to hold in a chuckle during a lecture after reading your post about the 10 weird things you do…cause I do most of that stuff too) awesome blog!

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